Robot Reinforcement Learning with Docker

Robot Reinfocement Learning is becoming more and more popular. This article covers how to use the gym-gazebo toolbox for reinforcement learning is Docker to easily set up a reinforcement learning infrastructure for robots.

Extending the OpenAI Gym for robotics

Benchmarking in robotics remains an unsolved issue, this article proposes an extension of the OpenAI Gym for robotics using the Robot Operating System (ROS) and the Gazebo simulator to address the benchmarking problem.

Deep Convolutional Q-Learning

This article covers the basics of how Convolutional Neural Networks are relevant to Reinforcement Learning and Robotics. The content displays an example where a CNN is trained using reinforcement learning (Q-learning) to play the catch game.

A comprehensive approach to Reinforcement Learning

Comprehensive introduction to Reinforcement Learning for robotics using a the cat-mouse-cheese example coded in Python.

Reinforcement learning in robotics

What's reinforcement learning? how's reinfocement learning relevant for robotics? how do we apply reinforcement learning in real problems?.

A blog about Deep Learning Robots

Robotics, Deep Learning and AI